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About EventsMan 

The EventsMan company was established in 2008. Apparently it is a young company in it's area of business, but there is a lot of professionals behind the company name who are well based in event technical management for a couple of years. We were strongly motivated to start the Eventsman by the ambition to change the usual structures and processes and to set together the team of experts and enthusiasts which will be able to conform and to meet special needs of each single customer. We insist on personal contact, fast proceeding and of course on beeing 100% effective in all our projects. The aim of the EventsMan is to keep the image of the company which via its flexibility and ability to comunicate do not consider any obstruction as a problem.

Our specialization is audiovisual equipment (AV) renting, conference and event management, AV and technical consultancy, AV instalation and services, 24/7 technical support, audiovisual records production, presentations desing and production. On your request we will provide you complete AV outsourcing. We are specialists in AV operations and skills training (using our own educational materials). We also ensure advertising materials and areas produciton etc.

The webpages of EventsMan company are mostly informative and they serve to give you an overview of our services and activities. In case you did not find desired information, technical equipment or service from AV area, as well in case of concrete demand or request, do not hesitate to contact us. The advantage for you will be simplied form of communication - from the very first meeting to the final realization of the event you still communicate with the one and only person from our company - rule of "one EventsMan".


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