We offer first-class and comprehensive services in the areas of AV technology rental, conference management and AV consulting at the best possible prices.


What we do

EventsMan company was founded only in 2014,
but people standing behind that name work in the area
  of AV equipment rentals for a number of years.

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    AV equipment rentals

    AV poradenství

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    Event management

    konferenční management

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    AV counseling

    pronájmy AV techniky

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    AV Installations, technical assistance

    24/7 technická podpora

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    24/7 technical support

    instalace a obsluha AV techniky

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    ​Conference supervision

    eventový management

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    AV technology outsourcing

    outsourcing AV technologií

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    Production of audiovisual recordings

    výroba audiovizuálních záznamů

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    Production of advertising and promotional items  and materials

    výroba reklamních a propagačních ploch

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    AV support training

    školení obsluhy AV techniky

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    Event coordination and logistics

    koordinace a logistika projektů



"We will help you to do it by yourself."

Our cooperation can be established at different levels:

● We will advise you on a non-binding basis, we will take part in meetings with you at the venue

● We will help you develop or correct a list of AV requirements, will offer a cheaper and better alternative

● Provide state-of-the-art AV equipment including qualified personnel.

● We will look at the successful course of the event - installation, course of action, deinstall, final reflection

● We will help you analyze the results of the event with regards to streamlining processes and reducing costs

Naše filosofie


Expert consultations related to the design, preparation and planning of the event, elaboration of a detailed budget tailored to the client's wishes

Event realisation entirely according to your needs, including professional technical assistance throughout its course; our technicians work in a suit and speak fluent English

Complete supply of AV technology
(sound, lighting, projection, interpreting, wireless voting, video conference, camera technology,...), stage design, preparation and decoration, technical assistance with presentation preparation and many more services

24/7 flexibility, which is (according to our years of experience) needed for smooth handling of "last minute" changes

How to actively engage participants in a consultation, find out their opinion or quickly get feedback from students on corporate training? With the wireless voting system (also called ARS - "audience response system"), you can quickly, simply and efficiently find out answers to all of your questions.

As one of only few companies in the Czech Republic we have the highest quality voting system on the market.

Engage your listeners, increase their motivation in a playful and yet professional manner, bring your training and discussions into a new dynamic and creative atmosphere. Quick statistics outcomes are a signature of the professional who uses new trends in interactive communication.

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